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Kanvee Adams

KAIMI is the acronym for the Kanvee Adams International Ministries Inc. KAIM was established in March 2002 in Montserrado County, Liberia. KAIM is a Christian based organization registered under the laws of the Republic of Liberia.
This ministry was a vision by Sis. Kanvee Kamara Gaines a Gospel music minister. Sis. Kanvee is from a devout Muslim family. She got to know Christ during the civil crisis in Liberia. During this time, she got lost from her Muslim family and felt into the hands of a Christian family (The Gaines). While she was with them she started to go to church and encounter Christ in a special way. From then on she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savoiur.
Accepting Christ was not an easy one for Sis. Kanvee. She when through lot of trials and tribulations including rejection and dejection from her biological parents, relatives and even friends. She suffered physical, material and financial persecutions. But with God being who he is, she was lifted Spiritually in Christ Jesus.
With this, she decided to use her talent to work for the Lord in spreading the gospel through music. Since then, Sis. Kanvee has traveled to Countries including; USA, UAE, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and Ghana in her quest to spread God’s word through out the earth.

Credits|Kanvee Adams International Ministries Inc

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